In our company we look back with pride at over 30 years of experience in production and service of electric motors. With our knowledge, technological development and cooperation with executive institutes in asynchronous and synchronous electric motors area, we offer you solutions for more demanding applications.

Our company was founded in 1987. We are engaged with production, development and service of asynchronous and synchronous electric motors.

1987 – foundation of the company Elkostroj Rogatec; Anton Dirnbek

2002 – takeover of the company by Zdenko Majcenič

2017 – relocation of the company from Rogatec to Maribor

2019 – takeover of the company by Tilen Premzl and Jernej Sorko


Our main products and industries:

  • electric motors
  • electromagnetic brakes
  • engineering and service
  • steering and regulation of electric motors

We are systematically supplying industrial and e-mobility companies with our products and services.


For further information about our services contact us and together we will find the solution.